Sunday, 21 November 2010

Whats changed in Lifford by Patricia Mc Granaghan (H.E. assignment)

A lot of changes have occurred in Lifford. It's not the same wee town.

There's a bypass now since the 1960s or early 70s. Before that we used the road to get to the town but the big lorries couldn't get around (without difficulty). Harte's corner - you can imagine without the bypass what it would be like!

There were two factories making shirts, and a coach factory that also made coffins, and coal and grain yard. There was an egg factory called the Elm Bank but then it became sort of a parish hall where a lot of things took place. We had a youth club there, now its gone and on the site is an A.I.B bank.

There was a train station and as wains we used to go down the fields and wait for the train to go past. The driver used to sound the hooter at us and we were very happy.

There's now a state of the art cinema with several screens, but I yearn for the old picture house with the one screen. The Inter County Hotel is gone and now we don't have a hotel.

Wains - children

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