Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Billy Mc Kinley - Oral History

We were very fortunate one evening to have the opportunity to record the memories of Billy Mc Kinley from Ballylawn, Co. Donegal. A member of the Raymochy Historical Society and also the Raymochy History Links Project Group, Billy begins the recording with the detailed research he has carried out into his own family history before talking about his own life, after which the recording becomes even more interesting! The recording was carried out by members of the Raymochy History Links Project Group.

Billy also brought in slides which we were able to convert to digital format. Scroll further down the post and have a look!

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You can follow the full transcript here.

Billy's Aunt Louie, Cousin Eva and his Mother, Maud

Oat Stooks, Ballylawn, 1958

First Combine Harvester in Raymochy, 1958, Owner was Roy Russell

Potatoes in Ballylawn 1958

Roy Russell's Combine harvester, 1958

Harvesting oats, Ballylawn, 1958
Aiden, 1958

Liner at Aiden, 1958

Aiden Airways Dakota DC-3 Plane at Hargeisa, Somlia

Gulf of Aiden 1958

Billy's Wee Bungalow, Somalia

Hagi Mousa, a teacher at the school

Student's Tug of War, Boramo (site of school)

Football at Boramo

View from the school looking towards Ethiopia

Volleyball at Boramo, Pre-1960

Teachers at Boramo. Two Indian teachers (maths) from Kerala, and a Science teacher from Somalia

Students at the School

Headmaster of the school (third from right), with the speaker of the Southern Somali Parliament (fourth from right), who later became the President of Somalia

Dormitories at the old secondary school
Headmaster of the school (right) with the local govenor, Sir Theodore Pike (left)

Tribal Leaders queuing for entry in the new parliament at Hargeisa at the offical opening, 1960

Governor Pike taking the salute at the parliament opening

Military band at the opening
Old slave trading post

Ghost town of Zeila, important during the days of the slave trade
Somali Tribal Family

Close of Somali indigenous dwelling

Somali lady with Billy in the background (top left)

Somali Ladies relaxing

Camel, mostly used for transporting water

Somali fat-tailed sheep

Collection of Somali indigenous dwellings (late 1950s)
Two boys at the Sheikh school

Sheikh village at a distance from the new school

The road to Berbara

Soil erosion at Boramo

Two boys on land suffering from erosion

Coastline at Berbera at the Gulf of Aiden

Native bush flowering during the rainy season

View from Sheikh school

Footbridge across river at Hargeisa (could completely flood during rainy season)

Boramo in the rainy season
Boramo in dry season

New 'Sheikh' secondary school teacher's residences

New school classrooms

New school

All photographs (c) Billy Mc Kinley

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