Monday, 29 November 2010

History of Manorcunningham by Elma Mc Clean

Manorcunningham was originally named 'The Manor of Fort Cunningham', the name taken from James Cunningham, the first proprietor. James would have built his home there and from that the village was gradually built up.

As the area was growing farm life began, also land would have been reclaimed from Lough Swilly. Manor then became a farming area of flax, wheat, potatoes, pigs, hens and cattle in small numbers to start with.

Manorcunningham is the principal village in the parish of Raymochy. Raymochy takes its name from the old Ray Abbey that is half a mile south of the village, no longer a meeting place but still used today as a burial place.

The Church of Ireland parish was built in the village in 1792. The first Presbyterian Church was built in 1746 in the town land of Errity. Also a number of years later a second Presbyterian Church was built in the village, due to a fallout in the congregation. A Roman Catholic church is also in the area in the town land of Drumoghill.

Elements of History - Farming and Social

Land farms would have been of a small holding with a few animals, mainly pigs and hens. Wheat was grown and used to make bread for the large family holdings. Social skills would have been low as the primitive lives of the settlers did not allow for much socializing. Hard work was done by men, women and also small children.

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  1. The first Presbyterian church was not built Errity, but was built in Manorcunningham. The second prebyterian church was built in Errity due to the reasons given.