Monday, 22 November 2010

St. Patricks Well - Magherakeel by Sara Moss

Situated approximately two miles form the village of Killeter is St. Patrick's Well, Magherakeel in the parish of Aghyaran (Termonamongan) Co. Tyrone. The parish has three holy wells; St. Patick's Well (Tober Phadraig), St. Davog's in Croighdenis and Fr. Mc Louighlins Meenard in Slievedoo.

The most popular and well known of these is St. Patricks well in Magherakeel. Some people think these wells were blessed by early saints and therefore continued to be a place of devotion. This well was blessed by St. Patrick himself and legend has it that he stopped here to rest and quench his thirst on his way from Lenten Sacrifice in Lough Derg.

On the 17th March every year bands parade to the well before rosary is recited at 3pm to a large crowd of people. This is a very important date in the parish calendar. Throughout the year people make visits here in search for cures and holy water for the sick. It is very well maintained and a 'must see' for those that have not yet paid it a visit.

Elements of History

Writing about St. Patricks Well can take in different elements of history, Religious, Architectural and Social. With the religious element it is a place visited by St. Patrick himself, and has an annual gathering on 17th March for the rosary as well as daily visits by people looking for cures and have great beliefs that their sickness or disease can be cured or relieved for whatever length of time.

The Architectural structure of the well has been carried out many, many years ago but in recent times has had a rebuild to give it a more modern look. Railings have been replaced by a stone built wall as well as the statue being erected into the stone wall, the well itself has a stone arch over it opposed to the open design. This would be for safety reasons and to keep the water clean. It still plays a big part in the social life for local people, as on a regular basis people call and get a great sense of quietness and calm to reflect on their faith and pray for whatever reason.

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  1. I think my Grandad built the fence around here, I remember my dad taking me to see it as a child. His name is on a plaque and it says Philip McGlynn, Blacksmith