Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Parish of Urney - Malcolm Kidd

The Parish of Urney dates back many years. the parish lies in co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland between the River Finn and Mourne. William MacAthmayl was the rector of the parish in 1400, although there must have been others before him. In 1958 the Minister of Sion Mills and Urney was the Rev Edwin Davey. After him was the reverend Gerald Carson. Next there was the Rev Raymond Thompson, Rev Raymond Scuse and then the Rev Raymond Mc Knight. The service starts in Sion Mills at a half past ten after a ringing of a bell at 12 o' clock during which the bell rings for five minutes.

Urney Fort

The fort is just off Bellspark Road on the Fort Road at Urney. It is between Major Perry and Mc Crossans land. A round circle covered in trees, it has a long walk up to it. It also has a tunnel that is overgrown, it used to run under the CDR railway lines and the River Finn. The tunnels were used for smuggling and no one knows how long it has been there, but whether it is myth or truth Red Hugh O'Donnell and Hugh O'Neill may have used the fort during the Nine Years War.

Christchurch, Urney

The Church of Ireland, Christchurch, Urney is situated on the Urney road. The church was consecrated in 1866 replacing the earlier church a short distance away. The church is part of the Derry and Raphoe Diocese belonging to the Urney and Sion Mills Grouping. John Hayes was a curate for 50 years and lived in the white house across the road from the church. Ann Spears and Alfie Forbes played the organ and nowadays the Rev R.D. Mc Knight is the main man out there.

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  1. Urney Parish also covers part of Donegal