Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Games and Entertainment - Joe Mc Cormick

At Prior School, which I attended for a few years we all (boys and girls) had to play hockey (whether we liked it or not). I was one of the ones who liked it. I can't say the same about cricket, I liked watching cricket but not playing the game. We went over all Northern Ireland, Donegal and Sligo playing hockey, but we never went down the country. After I left school I joined Strabane Hockey Club and spent quite a few years playing there.

I must have been about twenty years old before I started playing tennis in Urney and then in Donaghmore. About the time I started the tennis I also started playing badminton (which I enjoyed very much in Donaghmore). Donaghmore had a church hall where they held socials. The Presbyterians did not allow dancing in their halls. There was the likes of the Siege of Venice and the Waves of Tory. If a dance would happen to start up the minister of the said church had a whistle and all you heard was a few blasts of the whistle to cool things down again.

Things have come a long way since then (the sixties) but I don't know if its for the better or not.

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