Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Coin Collecting - Mark Caldwell

Queen Victoria Bun Penny

I can remember collecting old coins in my childhood when I was young. This is an interesting hobby I feel when you are growing up. I remember feeling excited on holidays about how old a coin I might buy. I bought these coins of a bygone era at antique shops in Portrush and Portstewart with my mum and dad, this helped to develop my interest in history or after the time of writing. It is every child's dream to buy a coin of George IV from the 1700's for example. Sometimes of course you can't get a coin of a particular reign but you dream of the thrill of landing a Queen Anne penny. The oldest I bought was a Bun penny from the reign of Queen Victoria dating to the year 1890. However as a young adult I feel pleased to have coins of Queen Victoria, George V and George VI. I can remember feeling thrilled knowing that Queen Victoria had the longest reign in British History. I have an Edward the VIII coin - the monarch who abdicated the throne in 1936. My mother was supportive, caring and understanding of my hobby and aim of trying to get my hands on an older one each time. My dad was the same. This obviously started off my interest in Irish Heritage, especially in historical events and archaeology.

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  1. For kids, collecting coins means saving some pennies to buy a new toy or a pack of candy. For adults, the hobby of collecting coins will let them indulge in history and culture. These old coins surely tell a very important story in British history. Anyway, I hope that you'll take good care of these old coins. They're treasures of the past. I know they'll be important to you since you're interested in Irish Heritage. You can have special purse for these coins. You can also keep these in banks and on their very secured vaults. :)