Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Strabane - Work

The Training Centre in Ballycolman was where you went after you left school. You done sewing, cooking, bricklaying, upholstery and electronics. You could also work in the office. We were there for two years. It was a good place to be. There were class for numeracy and literacy. – Elizabeth Molloy and Rhonda McShane

Porters out the Derry Road was a big employer. My auntie Brigett worked there and got me a job there. There were two departments, one was a cutting room and downstairs was a sowing. – Elizabeth Molloy

In Porter’s, I remember the tube of the iron came from the roof. Everyone had an iron. You’d iron the shirt and put it in the packet. It was very friendly, everybody got together, it was very good. – Collete

It was hard to get a job when we were young, it still is. You had to have good qualifications. I went for two interviews, one was a cleaner, the other was a bus assistant. Out of that I worked for Strabane District Care. – Roseanne Molloy

Dad was a labourer. I remember him going away in the morning with a yellow coat and yellow trousers. Dad also fixed machines at the mill where my mum worked. Mum loved the mill. - Roseanne Molloy

I went to Dorans newsagent after school on the back street. They owned a home bakery as well, and used to sell the fresh bread in the shop. It was a good place to work. People would come in every morning to get their papers, like clockwork. The pay wasn’t good. I used to get £2 75d a week. Pat Doherty

My mother was a dressmaker. She made all our clothes. She made our confirmation outfits. They were lilac shirts with wee box jackets. There were pleated skirts. Mrs. Haughey next door was good at embroidery and made wee daisies and lapels. We had white hats too. Everybody admired them on the day. – Pat Doherty

Our Granda used to cycle from Castlefinn to Kilmacrennan for the work where he worked as a farm labourer. He stayed there for the week. Granny used to stay at the house and knit while looking after seven children. – Roseanne Molloy

I worked in the Department of Social Services at the time of the flood. I was only there about a week and it was a mess. There was a big amount of money given out from the office after the flood to help people. We got a lot of overtime to deal with it. People were still complaining they didn’t get enough. I was there for three years, it was great craic. – Annette Mc Namee

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